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Activity Books

As every child is unique and creative in his/her own way and childhood is the only time when a child’s thinking and learning skills grow faster. There are different ways you can help in the development of your child’s mental skills. Zayn & Zoey is here to the rescue to make this learning process easier. We’ve various activity books for kids that are particularly crafted to nurture the little minds through various fun and exciting ways. If you’re a parent who’d love to spend more time with the kids and are desperate for them to stare at screens a little less, there could be a way of tackling both – by reading activity books for kids together. The benefits of these activity books are far-reaching; allowing parents to have much-needed conversations with the kids, as well as developing children’s interpersonal skills, and boosting confidence and cognitive ability. It’s a win-win!

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What influence do activity books have on children?  

  • No more boredom 

The colourful, interactive activities will give children the chance to keep their hands and brains busy for some time. Of course, since each child is different the amount of time they will be engaged will also differ. 

  • Increases concentration 

According to research, a normal attention span is 3 to 5 minutes per year of a child’s age. So, a four-year-old should be able to concentrate anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes.  These activity books are a great way of increasing concentration through entertaining activities. Gradually, through encouragement, the amount of time that they are able to dedicate to one activity will increase. 

  •  A break from screen-time 

I know that many parents are worried about the time their children spend in front of a screen. These activity books for kids will provide a break from that, at the same time keeping children engaged, entertained, and learning. 

Prepares children for school

Towards the end of preschool children should be able to sort objects by colour, shape, and size, understand sequencing, count out objects from 1-5, saying the numbers in order at least up to 10, identifying some numbers and letters, colours, shapes, being able to read and write their own name and identifying some of the letters that make up their name. Therefore, these activity books for kids is an excellent tool for children to learn all of the above by playing and having fun. And we all know that the most effective learning happens through play. 

  • Refines Fine Motor Skills and Hand-Eye Coordination 

As you will notice many of the activities have smaller cards that need to be picked up and placed in specific places. Others involve using a pen/pencil. All these things from our activity books for kids will improve the small muscles in the hands and fingers which is vital for important tasks like feeding themselves, writing, grasping objects, and so on. Similarly, being able to place the cards in the correct designated place will practice the hand-eye coordination skill. 

  • Take it with you anywhere 

An Activity book is portable and can be the perfect companion for longer car trips, a nice way to occupy time while waiting for the food in a restaurant, it fits in a beach bag nicely or a suitcase. And the best thing of all, they never run out of battery. 

  • Improve emotional skills 

Children experience stress just like adults, but for them, it can be more difficult to find an outlet for their frustration and other negative feelings. Activities books for kids helps stressed kids to concentrate on something else and work through their emotions as they complete the puzzle. 

Increases Self-esteem

Solving activities books improves a child’s self-esteem due to the sense of personal accomplishment they feel when they complete an activity. Seeing they are able to achieve something instils a sense of confidence in kids and encourages them to take on other challenges at home and in school. When you believe you are capable, you are more likely to succeed. 

Why Zayn and Zoey’s Activity Books for kids are the perfect addition for learning? 

  • Great for all kids aged 3-10 years 
  • Mixed designs available across our entire range 
  • We have a range of products to keep children interested all year round 
  • 100% safe, non-toxic, and environmentally-friendly products 

Zayn & Zoey’s activity books for kids are uniquely designed and filled with the right learning that helps the children to grow. Moreover, these games help the children with their schooling syllabus as these activity books and games contain different insights about academic learning.