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Activities and Resources

Zayn And Zoey activities and resources help parents and teachers extend the learning beyond each storybook. Each one provides themes, summaries, talking points, discussion topics, activity ideas and even vocabulary cards.

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South America


North America



Toddler Series


5 Senses

The Water Cycle

Modes of Transport

Houses Around the World

Community Helpers

Space Adventure Set

Learn about Rockets

Solar System

All about Earth & Moon

Natural to Processed Set

Visit a Chocolate Factory

How Paper is Made

The Journey of Sugar

Visit a Dairy Farm

Natural Disaster Set

Exploring Volcanoes

All about Earthquakes

Weather and Storms

Lifecycle Set

Life Cycle of a Tree

Life Cycle of a Frog

Life Cycle of a Hen

Life Cycle of a Ladybug

Environment Friendly Set

Rainwater Harvesting

Learn about Solar Power


Habitat Set

Explore the Rainforest

On a Desert Safari

Visit the African Savanna

Explore the Polar Region

Explore Coral Reefs

Story Books

Encounter Honey Bees

Learn about Dinosaurs

The World of Insects

Learn about Endangered Animals