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Board Books

As every child is unique and creative in his/her own way and childhood is the only time when a child’s thinking and learning skills grow faster. There are different ways you can help in the development of your child’s mental skills. Zayn & Zoey is here to the rescue and makes this learning process easier. We’ve various board books that are particularly crafted to nurture the little minds through various fun and exciting ways. If you’re a parent who’d love to spend more time with the kids and are desperate for them to stare at screens a little less, there could be a way of tackling both – by playing these board books for kids together. The benefits of these board books are far-reaching; allowing parents to have much-needed conversations with the kids, as well as developing children’s interpersonal skills, and boosting confidence and cognitive ability. It’s a win-win!

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Why making board books a part of your daily routine is important?

Although there are many possible reasons for reading to babies and toddlers, several general responses immediately come to mind. Sharing books with young children can: Nurture a love of books and reading, provide sensory stimulation in support of brain development, develop language, impart knowledge of the world and how it works, create a joyful and loving connection between babies/toddlers and their grownups. Certainly, these are some big tasks for such books, tasks that require multiple readings of a wide array of books. Fortunately, the number and variety of board books available with Zayn and Zoey is substantial. The more these board books are woven into children’s everyday lives, the more likely they will be to see reading as a pleasure and a gift. Here are a few tips on how to include these board books for kids into their daily lives.

  • At Meal Times:
    Sing or read a story during a moment of quiet nursing or to gather the kids around the noisy breakfast table.
  • In the Car or on the Bus:
    Keep a few books in the car or in your diaper bag to keep your little ones quiet and busy.
  • At Nap Time:
    Familiar routines always help babies calm down. Use board books and stories to quietly ease your baby to sleep.
  • At Day’s End:
    You are exhausted, the baby is fussy. Lie down on the floor surrounded by board books for kids. Enjoy by asking fun questions to them from the book.
  • At Bath Time:
    Board books at bath time are great fun and may help a fussy baby enjoy the tub a little more.
  • At Bed Time:
    Board books and soothing stories can work magic with babies who fight sleep!

What influence our board books have on children?

These best board books for kids are filled with fun pictures and educational chapters that is an engaging prospect for them. Kids learn a lot of life skills by reading these books. Zayn and Zoey has various best board books for kids that include First Box of learning (set of 5 board books), The World of Birds, Which Season is it?, Who is in the Jungle?, etc. Some of the benefits and importance of our board books to the development of your child include the following:

  • Board books double as an effective language tool.

The content of a board book for kids holds a rich combination of pictures and words. These pages do more than just capture your little one’s attention. It also helps your child form associations between the words and the pictures. This, in turn, helps expand your child’s vocabulary.

  • Board books for kids teach cause and effect

Not all board books contain words, but that doesn’t mean they are less effective in developing your child’s mental capability. Wordless picture books allow children to understand the story in their own way. This teaches your child not only about causation and effect, but it also helps them to follow a sequence and recognize different facial expressions.

  • The best board books for kids encourage imagination and creativity.

These characteristics are mostly inspired by wordless board books. Your child will be the one in charge of interpreting the message that is being conveyed by each picture. This encourages their mind to explore new ideas as they take in details from the first page before they move on to the next.

  • These books help develop a sense of awareness.

A lot of subjects can be tackled in board books for kids. Generally, we can see that the common topics discussed in these books revolve around learning and values. The wide variation of topics found in board books allows children to develop a broader perspective even at a young age.

  • Picture books improve school readiness.

Reading comprehension is one of the most important skills your child has to learn in order to excel in academics (and in adulthood). Each child has their own pace of development, but, there’s nothing wrong with stimulating your little one’s mind at an early age. You can start them at an easy level by showing them wordless board books, before proceeding to picture books that show shapes, numbers, and letters.

Board books for kids offer a great opportunity for bonding

One of the main goals of these books is to teach children that learning is fun. You can shape reading as an activity your child can look forward to by setting up a routine (like in a form of a bedtime story!). You will not only be spending quality time with your kid, but you’re also helping them prepare for the future. Board books are great tools that can improve a child’s level of school readiness.

Zayn & Zoey have the best board books for kids that are uniquely designed and filled with the right learning that supports your child’s mental growth. Moreover, these books help the children with their schooling syllabus as these board books for toddlers and kids contain different insights about academic learning.