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As every child is unique and creative in his/her own way and childhood is the only time when a child’s thinking and learning skills grow faster. There are different ways you can help in the development of your child’s mental skills. Zayn & Zoey is here to the rescue to make this learning process easier. We’ve various best games for kids that are particularly crafted to nurture the little minds through various fun and exciting ways. If you’re a parent who’d love to spend more time with the kids and are desperate for them to stare at screens a little less, there could be a way of tackling both – by playing these games for kids together. The benefits of these games are far-reaching; allowing parents to have much-needed conversations with the kids, as well as developing children’s interpersonal skills, and boosting confidence and cognitive ability. It’s a win-win!

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There are different types of best games for kids popular in India. Furthermore, it is of great essence that buyers understand and internalize this deeply. Because a good understanding of these various games for kids will enable buyers to make a good and informed decision on what product to buy. Parents should purchase games depending on what they want to achieve with it. For example, a customer that wants to improve the strategic capacity of his or her kid can decide to purchase a chess game.
Below are some examples of best games for kids in the Indian market: Magnetic Puzzles Triangles, Pola puzzles funny & wild animals, Imagimake Mapalogy, Connect 4, Spot it out, etc.

What influence do our games have on children?

These best games for kids are filled with fun activities and educational chapters that is an engaging prospect for them. Kids learn a lot of life skills by playing these games. Zayn and Zoey has various best games for kids that include Toddler Game Combo (Set of 5 games), Collect My Tools Community Helpers Memory Game, Vehicle Match, Seasons Match, Dino Trail Board Game, etc. Some of the benefits and importance of our games to the development of your child include the following:


This is one of the essential skills to be learned at a young age. For example, in the game of monopoly, the child needs to find a way to purchase assets and move from one place to another. This game teaches this vital life skill.

  • Sportsmanship

Most games also help in building sportsmanship. It creates the spirit of knowing how to cope with losing. It teaches kids the critical skill of being a good sportsman whether they win or loss

  • Connection

The best games for kids are the ones that help in building connections among families. These games for kids increase the bonding time between child and parent.

  • Matching Skills

It’s the right way of developing matching skills among preschoolers and toddlers. Matching helps them in learning their shapes and colors

  • Social skills

Games for kids help to build a trustworthy connection between kids and parents. This could be either for fun or as a team. It is a way to develop a great social skill

  • Hand-eye coordination

Most of our best games for kids are interactive and require building or moving pieces around or merely matching the game to improve the kid’s hand-eye coordination.

  • Literacy

Playing these games can also help pre-readers to learn how to pronounce new words and also learn how to read. Zayn and Zoey’s Games for kids also help in vocabulary building.

Why should you buy Zayn and Zoey’s games for kids?

In buying the best games for kids, make sure to note that they have all the required features for the best purchase. Some of these features act as a boost that will balance your specific need and situation. Our games for toddler and kids are made considering the following key points which serve as an essential and beneficiary part in a child’s growth.

Should be easy for the kid to learn

The best games for kids should be easy to learn and assimilate at such an infantile stage. We strongly advise that parents or caregivers reserve the complex or brain-tasking ones for later stages in life when the brain capacity of the child has developed reasonably. For the now, settle for the ones whose guidelines and rules the child can quickly grasp. 

  • Can easily be set up 

A game that tends to be set up quickly is a great delight for kids. Conversely, if it is pretty challenging to set up, the child naturally loses interest in such a game. This can make him/her store such a game far away from him. The best games for kids should have a child-friendly setup.  

  • Easy of cleaning 

Every good and excellent kid game should be easy to store and clean. Such a game should come with a limited number of props to its kit so that cleaning it up would be less hassling. The best games for kids are one that is easy to store and one that is easy to maintain as well. It should be pretty easy to keep track of all the parts that are present in the game set. Games with one too many parts to it may end up useless once one or two pieces get lost. 

  • Number of players allowed 

Most games for kids are built in such a way to accommodate 2-6 active players. But the best form of a game for kids in the family should be all-encompassing. In this light, before purchasing games for kids, factor in the number of persons that make up your family. 

  • Length of playing time 

The best games for kids are the ones that do not exceed 10-30 minutes for each round of the game. This length of time should be enough for kids. This amount of time will significantly engage them and not necessarily bore or stress them. This will often make kids look forward to their game playing session proactively.  

Zayn & Zoey have the best games for kids that are uniquely designed and filled with the right learning that supports your child’s mental growth. Moreover, these games help the children with their schooling syllabus as these games for toddlers and kids contain different insights about academic learning.