TOUGH TIMES - Zayn And Zoey

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A note for our readers

At Zayn & Zoey we have always strived to provide to you the best - content, illustrations, and quality of books. We will continue to do so - without compromise.

But, it’s been a tough year for the publishing industry. The cost of paper has seen an unprecedented rise in the last year, more than doubling, and continuing to rise. The paper industry is expecting a further impact because of the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict. Increasing aluminum costs affect the cost of creating plates, the printing template. To add to our woes, GST on printing of books has increased as well. We don’t get any credit on this because there is no GST on selling books!

Whew! All of this has caused the cost of printing a book to nearly double!

It’s been difficult for us to take the decision of taking a price increase for all our storybooks. We’ve kept it to the bare minimum.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.