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Healthy Eating with Zayn & Zoey

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Zayn, Zoey, and their friends are excited to come up with the menu for Canteen Day! Their list is yummy. But, is it healthy? Does it contain the nutrition our body needs? How can they change the menu to make it healthy as well as delicious?

Join Zayn and Zoey in this book to…
– Understand the importance of food.
– Learn about nutrients and their role.
– Know how junk food can affect our health.
– Understand what forms a healthy and balanced diet.

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1 review for Healthy Eating with Zayn & Zoey

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Many people struggle to give a healthy as well as yummy food to their kids. This book explains about eating healthy, yummy food and how food plays an important role in maintaining our body healthy.

    Each class has to give lunch menu to the canteen once a year and this year Zayn and Zoey’s class needs to prepare menu and all are excited. Their list has ice-cream, fries, pizza, donuts, nachos and sandwiches. Once they have finalized, they showed the list to Miss Tina. Chef Mr. Joe said, “One lip smacking list” but Miss Tina was not happy with the menu as those were junk food. The kids looked disappointed. So Miss Tina explained what is food for and how it has a secret power called nutrients which plays an important role in maintaining our body. Then Chef Mr. Joe showed the charts on the canteen wall which explains what is carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals and how they get these from the food they eat.

    After seeing this, they questioned how do they know what to eat to get the super power. Then Mr. Joe showed them the other chart which explains how they should balance the food to get all the required nutrients. The kids got a clear idea. So Mr. Joe suggested the children to prepare a chart with all the food they had in their menu. They shared their observations and they found that there were no vegetables, too much of sugar, cheese, bread in it. Then the kids looked worried that they wouldn’t have any yummy food. So Miss Tina clarified that healthy food can be yummy too if they do some changes in it. The children came up with alternative options for every item in the list and got applauded for the suggestions they gave. Mr. Joe suggested to change pizza base to a whole wheat with lots of toppings to make it healthy. Who doesn’t like Pizza? The kids were cheerful.

    Then, they came up with the new chart. The menu looks healthy and yummy as well. Miss Tina was very proud of the class for coming with this delicious meal plan. If you wish to know what menu plan Zayn and Zoey’s class come up with, then please grab this book immediately.

    We loved this book a lot because it explains how to eat healthy, what is junk and what will happen when we eat junk and how healthy eating habit makes you grow stronger and happier and one more thing is eating junk once in a while in small amount is fine so our taste buds also get treat. This book teaches a great lesson to both kids and adults in a nice way to eat healthy and stay healthy. The fun facts at the end are amazing and we also loved the healthy diet maze.

    We prepared a chart with the food we ate for a day.

    If you have foodies like us or child who doesn’t like to eat veggies or fruits, then please buy this delicious book and enjoy reading and healthy eating.

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