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Natural Disasters (Set of 3 books)


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1) Weather and StormsZayn and Zoey were playing in the backyard on a bright, sunny afternoon. Soon, the sky turned grey and it began to pour. The twins were curious about the changing weather. They showered Mom with their questions. How did the weather change so quickly? How do we know if it’s going to rain? What if it never stops raining? What are storms?

Join Zayn and Zoey in this book to…– Learn about weather and why it changes.– Know different types of clouds and what they mean.– Understand various types of storms.

2) All about EarthquakesZayn and Zoey were vacationing with their parents in Nepal. While looking for a picnic spot in the fields, they stumbled upon a huge crack in the ground. What was this crack? What could have caused it? Who could have done this?

Join Zayn and Zoey in this book to..– Understand that our planet is constantly undergoing change– Learn about the natural phenomenon of an Earthquake and understand the basic cause and effect relationship– Acquire knowledge of new scientific vocabulary

3) Exploring VolcanoesZayn and Zoey were visiting Japan for spring break. They first spotted the majestic Mount Fuji from their flight. Their first stop on the trip was to Hakone, a volcanic region near Tokyo. They learned all about volcanoes with a special friend.

JOIN ZAYN AND ZOEY IN THIS BOOK TO…– Understand why volcanoes erupt.– Know the different types of volcanoes.– Learn about the stages of a volcano.– Learn how to conduct your own volcano experiment.

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