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All about Earth & Moon with Zayn & Zoey

Rated 4.50 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)


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Zayn & Zoey were in the park racing with Dad. Zayn ran so fast that Zoey thought he’d reach the end of the world! Is that even possible? Dad and Mom answered all their questions about Earth and its Moon.

Join Zayn & Zoey in this book to…

  • Understand how Earth gets its shape
  • Know about rotation and revolution and their effects
  • Find out how the Moon helps planet Earth

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2 reviews for All about Earth & Moon with Zayn & Zoey

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Pragnya Mishra

    On a clear night, rooftop walks and looking at the night sky together is our thing. Moon holds my 4 years old curiosity old. The changing shapes of the moon, presence during the night, and missing during the day amazes him. The new book “All about Earth and Moon” is great for all curious little ones who are fascinated by the moon.
    A book that would hold the curiosity of children and share science in stories is a must-have for our bookshelves. The approach of the book makes learning enjoyable and interactive. This is a smooth reading material where everyday concepts or things around the reader (read-child) is used to convey scientific reasoning.
    Apart from a couple of words and facts stated in the book, all the concepts and reasonings were pretty new to my child. That means his inquisitiveness was raised and satisfied.
    My child and I like how entertaining the book was created with words like a superpower, special, etc. We did try few experiments encouraged by the book. The happier elements are the additional fun fact added at the end of the book. The fun facts and snippet questions spread across the book holding the story intact is engaging.
    If your kids are interested in astronomy, then this book would be a great addition to their fascination. The words are simple, the illustration is attractive and they simplify the concepts further. Make learning easy and fun.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Nisha Malik

    My son is one big curious soul. His fascination with books took an interesting turn when I got him his first Zayn and Zoey series of books. Now he wants to read every book available by Zayn and Zoey.

    This new book which tells all about earth and moon is definitely something one must give to their kids as it beautifully explains the concept and mysteries of earth on a simple way. He loves to talk about what he learns from the book with me and his friends, making him dig deeper into the subject. Exploring more about it.

    I kind of am relieved that he is spending his afternoons in a very productive way without any screen time.

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